OBEC Activity Blog  

 Founders Corner, 02-07-2019

With 3.6 on the PTU it is time to write a summer update. July 2019 will be the month in which the next patch will be released. Gameplay wise the introduction of a black-market economy might be interesting. For others the 890 Jump might by a highlight. The Core Tech improvements hopefully improve desyncs in combat and a better hit-ratio. 3.6 is not the sexiest patch. 3.7 will bring bounty hunter pvp gameplay and end of 2019 patch 3.8 will bring us microTech planet and moons.
As a result, gameplay is again low and only the core-players join Game Night. We still manage to do something worthwhile and playing helps to understand the changes in the game and gameplay. Being inactive for a long time means you face a steep learning curve the moment you pick up your controls again. See you in OBEC’s TeamSpeak. Video by Star Citizen.

 Game Night, 07-06-2019, part 2

Here we are on top of a world. We landed on the highest building in Area18 on ArcCorp. Any fear of heights? Don’t go there with your VR-goggles on. Video by PaddyVanCH.

 Game Night, 07-06-2019, part 1

Friday Night Fever in Cerby's Blue Oyster Bar. Version 3.5.1. Dance emote’s still hard to trigger. Video by PaddyVanCH.

 Game Night, 10-05-2019

Stunt driving on Olisar D00 pad. We loaded a Star Farer with all kinds of vehicles, shipped them to Port Olisar and the rest is history. 
Video by PaddyVanCh. 

 Game Night, 01-03-2019

Havoc and mayhem inside Port Olisar. What happens if you slip two Greycats into the building. Video by PaddyVanCH.

 Game Night, 15-02-2019

How many Greycat buggies fit in a Blue Platinum building? 3 or 4? Video by PaddyVanCH. 

 Happy Holidays 2018

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a very happy 2019. Video by Murgen Templar. 

 Game Night, 31-08-2018

Does it fit? Flying a Tug into a cargo hold. Video by PaddyVanCH.

 Javelin Wreck Daymar

Flying over the Javelin Wreck on Daymar in SC version 3.1.4. Video by MurgenTemplar. 

 OBEC Leader

Introduction into OBEC. Once an OBEC, always an OBEC? For the younger generation, this is heavily inspired by The Thunderbirds.  Video by MurgenTemplar. 

 Dukes of OBEC

Made in one of the GameNights on my old PC. Frame rate alert. Video by MurgenTemplar.