Founders Lore

On the 27th of February 2947 in an 'Omusul's Breakfast Enterprise' restaurant in Port Renatus on Mars, five disenchanted space farers sat to talk about their woes and their dreams. These five men had been unrecognized but essential cogs in the machine of an intersystem organisation that had bloated beyond recognition, resulting in poor communication tyrannical leadership and a steady decrease in profits for the rank and file.

Together they had helped support the creaking system but their efforts had been sidelined to the extent that they decided to meet to discuss the situation. Mal Reynolds who had suggested the venue, as he was a relative of the Omusul family, was the first to speak. "I need to break away," he said "the amount of added stress is too much and I am getting to the stage where I can't pay my crew."

Murgen, the warrior amongst them was more forceful "The situation has gone beyond the pale, we need a system that supports us not drags us under." Mal nodded and looked around the faces of the men he had grown to call friends. Mr Sokar the Tech genius whose wizardry had produced the finest hardware to furnish their organization and alongside him Cerberus, the Server god, the man behind the brilliant MobiGlass and Spectrum applications that allowed them all to operate in such a seamless manner. Lastly, Mal looked at Fil, the rock that had supported their failing organization so well and who in exasperation had called him to announce his resignation.

"We need to form our own organisation," Fil said "We have the expertise around this table to set it up, all we need after that is for people to join it." "I know some that would gladly follow us." Cerberus said. "Raven Squadron, will be with me." Murgen said authoritatively. "Money will be an issue," Mr Sokar said bringing them back to earth. "My tech does not come cheap and we can't use someone else's when we are out on our own." "We all have our ships," Cerberus interjected, "and we can communicate with my applications, its all we need to start."

Mal nodded and gestured to the waiter who was hanging back with a jug of ale, out of earshot. The waiter came forward and carefully poured the glasses of the 5 men around the table. He then nodded back to Mal and returned behind the counter. Mal raised his glass, "Are you all in this then?" he asked. "We are." They said in unison. He smiled and they all followed breaking out into relieved grins.

"Rebels are us.." laughed Fil. "A toast then" said Murgen. "To the men that can, and the men that will." "To us." Cerberus clinked his glass with Murgen's and they all followed suit, still smiling broadly.

"What are we going to call this band of bothers?" asked Mr Sokar. They all looked around, Murgen laughed and said "Defenders of Awesome!" Mal looked at Murgen, "we are not all warriors, Murgen." he said "and besides I don't think DoA spells well for our future do you?" Cerberus gave a short laugh and then leaned in to the group. "What's this place called again Mal?"

"Omusul's Breakfast Enterprise" Mal said "named after my Great great uncle Reynaldo Omusul, used to be 'verse wide, when he was younger". "O.B.E" murmured Cerberus. "As we started here why don't we call it that?" "Name it after a restaurant?" Mr Sokar laughed, "that's almost as crazy as DoA!" "No wait," Murgen interrupted, "No one needs to know what O.B.E. stands for it could be a mystery we keep to ourselves, but it does need more," he looked thoughtful, "maybe Corporation on the end." "Corporation stands for big and unwieldy." Fil said, "and I think we have all had enough of that for one lifetime." "Cooperation then," Cerberus said. "The OBE Cooperation, or," he paused. "OBEC for short."

"OBEC, I like it." said Mal. "Me too." agreed Fil. "I think we have a plan." said Mr Sokar. "Not yet we don't," interjected Murgen, "but we have a name, and a great bunch of friends."

"Build it and they will come." Mal finished prophetically and raised his glass again. "To OBEC".

"To OBEC" they said in unison.

On that day OBEC was born. The Founders took their ideas and pooled their resources calling in favours they were owed around the UEE systems and beyond. They formed a structure based on the ideas of co-operation communication and mutual support. Murgen introduced the motto "Freedom, Equality and Friendship" and he kept the name Defenders of Awesome as the overarching division for the organisations military wing! They built it and they did come and are still coming....

The Founders, that band of brothers with the foresight to leave and renew, also recognised that big is not always beautiful and resolved to keep OBEC at a manageable appropriate size.

OBEC is an elite organisation without elitists. It's story is still unfolding....